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Courtesy Vehicle
Manufacturer Warranty


  • Own your drive

    Take ownership of an INFINITI and dare to do things differently. The INFINITI owner experience is individual, energizing and rewarding - empowering your drive behind the wheel and through life.

  • Maintenance

    Our vehicle specialists are here to ensure peak performance, reliability, safety and resale value, with regular expert servicing. Book appointments at your nearest service centre and optimize your INFINITI experience.

  • Courtesy Vehicle

    Seamless mobility and ultimate convenience. The INFINITI Courtesy Vehicle Program is available through select INFINITI service centres – because life keeps moving.

  • Manufacturer Warranty

    Reassurance you can rely on. Our comprehensive warranty covers the first 60 months of INFINITI ownership. We repair or replace any part due to defective materials or workmanship, and provide full coverage for paint defects and corrosion to ensure you drive and look your best.